Become an Official Member of OMHS!

A highly targeted source of facility management education, information and interaction, OMHS benefit members through:

  • Focused networking: Share work experiences and exchange best practices with colleagues
  • Active online community: Participate in discussion groups to solve job-related problems and assist fellow members with projects and career objectives.
  • Targeted information: Keep current on the latest practices, trends and technologies
  • Targeted resources: Access news, case studies, webinars and other tools to enhance your knowledge and skills.

So, now you know WHY you need to join OMHS, here’s how you do it:

Here’s how to join OMHS for different IFMA member situations:

  • If you are currently an IFMA member, join OMHS for an additional $55 USD a year. You can add OMHS through your MyIFMA account or by calling the Member Services at 1-713-623-4362! The fee will be prorated based on your IFMA join date.

If you are not yet a member of IFMA, you can just:

  • Join IFMA for $209 USD online or call Member Services at 1-713-623-4362
  • Determine your local Chapter for the 1st year (chapter rates start at $92 USD).
  • Join OMHS by specifying  in the Community section of the application. The cost is just $55 USD per year.

Note: If you reside outside the US and there isn’t an IFMA Chapter, don’t worry….you can still be an active OMHS member.

If you have any questions about IFMA membership or the signup process, contact Joshua Amos